Our Story

Hillary was settled in at Henry’s Coffee with a large mug of chai, her laptop, and a pair of headphones. It was late, but she hadn’t set up internet at her apartment yet and still had things to read online.

Meanwhile, Chris was out for a Wednesday evening on the town to celebrate his 25th birthday. He was upstairs drinking and having a good time at the bar. He wandered downstairs and spotted Hillary with her laptop. Chris had conversations to wrap up upstairs, but he decided that if all of his friends left Henry’s before him, he would sit down with the cute girl in the red hoodie and talk with her.

An hour passed, and Hillary was about ready to head home for the night. Chris, down from the bar, asked if he could sit across from her, then inquired if she was working on a National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) novel. Hillary was not, but she did have a novel in progress that year. She was delighted to find a cute guy who knew that NaNoWriMo existed! She removed one headphone and half closed her laptop. Fifteen minutes later, her laptop was closed and her headphones put away. Just before 1AM, Hillary was tired and ready to head out the door. She had gotten Chris’s name and figured she would find him on Facebook. He insisted that she take his number, too.

Three days later, they began dating and Hillary met John, Chris’ father. Two months later and Hillary moved in. But it took almost 7 years before Chris and Hillary decided to get married.